Bring Music, Movies, and Sporting Events to Life

It’s that time of year when people begin considering upgrading their home entertainment. Whether gearing up for the holidays or preparing for the big game, we often get calls requesting recommendations. What’s the difference between a media room and a home theater? Is there a way to bring high-performance music to every room in my home? What’s the best home entertainment option for the holidays or the best setup for the Super Bowl?

It’s an exciting time, and as the premier source for custom integration of audio-video entertainment systems in Fairfax County, VA, we’re always happy to help. Let’s explore some of the many options in today’s home AV solutions

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The Ultimate Home Theater

Nothing quite compares to a dedicated home theater. With today’s technology, you enjoy an immersive cinematic experience that exceeds those in the local cineplex. Dolby Atmos object-based audio envelopes you in a 3D soundstage, and 4K laser projectors deliver stunning, lifelike visuals.

It all starts with the design. From old-world charm to art deco and nature-like retreats, there are virtually no limits. Have you explored the vast array of home theaters on Pinterest? Opulent chandeliers hang above indoor pools with large screens and 4K projectors at the pool’s end. Other home theaters are infused with soft lighting, plush pillows, and starlit ceilings. Everyone has their own vision of the ideal home theater.

As designers and engineers, we’ll take your vision and turn it into reality. Our goal? To always exceed your every expectation. 

The Multi-Use Media Room

Media rooms offer a more casual affair. These rooms are designed for socializing, having friends over for Sunday’s game, or enjoying a Friday movie night with the family. While today’s technology can still provide immersive images and sound, the sources are often hidden from view, creating a space ideal for entertaining and relaxing. Then, with one touch, they appear.

The Immersive Soundtrack & Whole-Home Audio

Whole-home audio is one of our clients’ favorite AV solutions. This system brings high-fidelity music to every room in your home. For those who enjoy spending time in their outdoor oasis, we can also extend the system to the great outdoors. 

All audio components, from streaming media devices, CD players, and turntables, are housed in a dedicated AV rack in a utility closet. From there, the audio signals find their way to speakers strategically located throughout your home. Many clients appreciate today’s architectural in-ceiling and in-wall speakers that retain a home’s aesthetics and bring stunning, detailed audio via a nearly invisible source. Others have their favorite bookshelf speakers or, for the audiophile, tower loudspeakers.

The result is crystal-clear, detailed audio effortlessly controlled via a touchscreen or remote. Choose an audio source, select a room or your entire home, and enjoy! We can also program the system to automatically play based on the time of day or your location. Wake up to your favorite energizing playlist. Tap ‘Entertain’ when hosting a dinner party, and breathtaking music fills your home and outdoor areas

Are you ready to explore the nearly limitless possibilities in today’s AV solutions? To learn more or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact A.B.E. Networks today.