Technology has come a long way and has now become a large part of our everyday lives, with most homes in America having multiple smart devices. But a connected home in Fairfax County, VA, isn’t just about having a bunch of smart technology. While it plays a big role, an authentic connected home experience involves total, centralized control of every aspect of your home—also known as home automation. From individualized comfort to enhanced energy efficiency, this advanced technology serves as a popular avenue for an interactive, tailored lifestyle. 

Read on to discover the exciting experience of living in a connected home. 

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What Is a Connected Home? 

A connected home, often used interchangeably as a smart home, is outfitted with home automation. Imagine a home that is responsive to your every request. An app on your smart device becomes an interface for everything, including managing your thermostat and accessing lighting features to set the perfect mood. Moreover, these features can be controlled from anywhere in the world. 

Advantages of a Connected Home

Connected homes offer plenty of advantages that boost energy efficiency, amplify convenience and security, and promote individualized comfort. Read below for just some of them.

Harmonious Automation 

Since there are numerous functions throughout the home, one popular benefit is automation. You can control every device with the palm of your hand, yes, but you can also program them to act automatically, with zero input from you. Imagine waking up to your shades rising, the news playing on the TV, and soft music streaming through your whole-home audio system. How’s that for convenient?

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Adapting your technology use to fit your lifestyle can result in a ton of energy savings. Because of the programmable smart thermostats, you enjoy absolute control over your home’s air conditioning system. Moreover, your thermostat studies and adapts to your temperature preferences and schedule. You can also program motorized shades and lights to shut off automatically when you leave a room or change to evening mode when the sun dips into the horizon. 

Modern Security Features

With the intriguing blend of a smart home with a smart security system, you can enjoy peace of mind. These systems are packed with features such as motion detection and automated door-locking. You can also opt to receive real-time security alerts on any smart device, so you’ll be empowered to secure and monitor your home from faraway places. 

Individualized Comfort 

Connected homes go beyond the benefit of automation. They instinctively adjust temperature, lighting, and music to be in sync with your preferences so that you can enjoy individualized comfort. You may opt for a quiet evening with an intimate atmosphere or a social gathering that’s a bit more energetic. Either way, your connected home can easily adapt to your behaviors. 

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