Envisioning the Ultimate Smart Home with a Home Automation Installation

Did you know that almost half of all homes in the U.S. use smart technology? What was once a fun and convenient way to manage lights, temperature, and shades has become a way of life. And, as the demand for this technology grows, so does the immense number of connected products. From speakers to irrigation systems, dishwashers, and even Wi-Fi-powered pet doors, almost everything is finding its way into the landscape of smart home living.

So, if every device is readily available on the market, why do you need a home automation installation? Unfortunately, some of this emerging technology is leading the essence of smart home living in Montgomery County, MD, away from its core premise: to make life easier. More devices lead to more confusion, with numerous apps demanding our attention. Here’s where home automation comes in. 

There is one significant difference between a smart device and home automation. A smart device is a connected item you can control from your smartphone. An automated home is a lifestyle. It’s a home that manages your home’s environment from morning until night, allowing you to adjust everything from a single platform. A home automation company doesn’t sell you a product; they design the smart home of your dreams.

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Dream Big

As humans, we tend to be creatures of habit. We follow routines that simplify our everyday lives. From morning until we retire, we adjust the shades, temperature, and lighting. We turn on a playlist, our favorite podcast, and the latest TV series. We’re unlocking doors, igniting gas fireplaces, and heating the spa. 

What if your smart home could do those things for you? Our team of automation experts at A.B.E. Networks will program your home to perform just how you want it to. Whether you tap a button or schedule scenes based on the time of day, a personalized automated sequence of events unfolds.

As you can see, the key to a genuine smart home is customization.

Your Home as an Oasis

A smart home provides immense beauty, bringing an incredible experience to all the senses. Advanced lighting systems allow you to tune in every light to exact precision, offering millions of colors and intensities. Whole-home audio brings high-fidelity music to every room and into your outdoor areas. 

Distributed video creates a seamless experience and the best high-resolution images. When entertaining, dining, or relaxing, you press a button, and your home delivers the perfect lighting, music, and climate. In essence, your home becomes your canvas.

An oasis should also support your health and well-being, and your smart home does. It manages your home’s natural light by adjusting the automated shades, bringing in the perfect level of diffuse sunlight. 

It brings daylight indoors through tunable LED lighting that mirrors the nature and illumination of the outside world, changing as the sun arcs across the sky. In response, your body realigns with the natural rhythms of the day, restoring balance, increasing energy levels, and bringing restorative sleep.

At A.B.E. Networks, we’ve been designing, engineering, and programming smart homes for over 30 years. From custom entertainment systems to integrated security and whole-home automation, we’re here to help you bring your vision to life. To learn more about our home automation installation process or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact A.B.E. Networks today.