There was a time when lighting design was limited to soft or bright white lights controlled with the flip of a switch or the turn of a dial. Times have certainly changed.

Today, you can create the exact ambiance and aesthetics for life’s many events by integrating an infinite palette of lights and smart controls. Wake to light that resembles the early morning sun and dine amidst lights that reflect the glow of candlelight. Foster well-being while enjoying dynamic illumination designed with your moods and preferences in mind. 

At A.B.E. Networks, our expert team integrates design, technology, and automation to illuminate your home in ways once unimaginable. It all starts with knowing your lifestyle and vision and then creating a customized system that leaves you breathless and improves every aspect of your life.

Let’s explore the possibilities in today’s lighting design for your Montgomery County, MD, home.

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Layered Lighting for a Multi-Dimensional Space

Adding dynamic layers of light enhances every room, adding visual interest designed around functionality. From general illumination to focused task lighting, you can set the mood by effortlessly changing the color temperature and intensity of every light.

Tunable, full-spectrum LED lighting gives us a nearly infinite palette of colors in your design scheme, from soft pastels to rich, saturated hues. This gives you the ability to set the stage for any mood and elevate any experience.

Lighting for Every Mood

Once we fine-tune every lighting element, we program curated scenes that offer the perfect ambiance in a moment. Yes, your system may consist of hundreds of components, but we’ll program these elements to provide one-touch control or voice command. Tap or say, ‘Entertain,’ ‘Dinner,’ ‘Relax,’ and ‘Bedtime,’ and your lights transform, creating the ideal mood every time. 

Art and Texture

Great lighting design considers your favorite architectural features, artwork, and outdoor illumination. Vibrancy and limitless color temperature capabilities enable us to bring out the best in materials, textures, and color. 

We use different lighting design techniques, from varying intensities and beam angles, to bring these objects and materials into crystal-clear, vivid focus. And this focus and contrast changes for every activity in your life with one touch of a button. 

Enhancing Well-Being and Productivity

One button mimics the shifting light of the sun, bringing natural light indoors. From the colors of the sunrise to the brighter midday tones and soft, surreal sunsets, your indoor lighting changes in response. In addition to intense beauty, your body’s internal clock realigns with the changing daylight and darkness, as it’s done for eons. The results are focused attention and increased energy in the day and restful relaxation and sleep when evening comes.

Are you ready to update your lighting design, or are you in the midst of a new build and intrigued by the possibilities? At A.B.E. Networks, we are your premier, locally and independently owned integration firm serving the Washington D.C. Metro area for 45 years. We’re committed to exceeding your expectations and earning your continued trust. To learn more about today’s lighting design or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact A.B.E. Networks today.