Lutron Brings Comfort, Convenience, and Protection to Your Virginia Home

Take luxury and design in your home to a new level with Lutron motorized shades. Beyond beauty, these innovative shades provide smooth convenience you’ll never want to be without. With a whisper-quiet motor, watching the shades open and close with precision and ease is a new moment of zen for you each day.

Lutron has ensured an elegant match for your home’s interior by providing a variety of colorful design options and styles, including roller shades, blinds, and complete drapery systems. Adding a convenient technology solution to your home was never easier.

Continue reading to learn five reasons homeowners love Lutron’s motorized shades and how they can add to your Montgomery County, VA, home.

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#1: Sun Protection

Did you know that prolonged sun exposure can cause irreversible damage to your home’s furnishings, including flooring? Too much sun is never a good thing, including inside your home. Thankfully, with Lutron’s programmable motorized shades, you can protect your home’s interior during peak sun hours to limit sun damage. 

#2: No Dangerous Cords

Traditional blinds have cords that present a safety risk for children and pets. But, with Lutron shades, there are no cords to worry about because Lutron designs its motorized shades as cordless window treatments. So, enjoy the peace of mind that comes with Lutron’s shades and know your children and pets can play safely without the threat of dangling cords.

#3: Added Privacy

Homeowners sometimes struggle to achieve the perfect balance of allowing in natural light while also protecting their privacy from passersby. Motorized shades come in various opacity levels, allowing the right amount of natural light in while maintaining privacy from the outside. Additionally, with the convenience of a remote control or voice command, you can easily open and close the shades any time of the day or night, simulating occupancy while you’re away and enhancing security.

#4: Climate Control

We love the sunshine, but we also know that it can really heat things up inside a home. Peak afternoon sun, especially, can cause your home’s temperature to spike and trigger your HVAC to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature. Lutron has thought of this in designing its motorized shades to work with temperature sensors that activate the shades to close when the inside temperature rises, allowing you to keep an ideal home temperature while conserving energy and strain on your HVAC system.

#5: The Convenience of Automation

Our clients consistently tell us that motorized shades were the added convenience they never knew they needed. After all, making life easier is what smart home automation is all about! With programmable features and sensors, you can save time and worry by relying on motorized shades to protect your home’s furnishings and privacy. You’ll also like that you can easily command the shades to close should a glare catch your eye during your favorite television program—no need to even get out of your chair! 

We can’t wait to show you more of the benefits homeowners love about motorized shades. Contact us for a customized quote to install Lutron’s motorized shades in your Montgomery County, VA, area home.